Legendary Mick McManus passes away


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Legendary Mick McManus passes away

Mick McManus passes away

On behalf of the entire company and the wrestling community, we are saddened by today's news that the biggest British wrestling star ever the legendary Mick McManus has passed away at the age of 93.

MICK MCMANUS was without doubt, through his own efforts, the greatest wrestling name that the U.K. has ever seen or will see again, and even 25 years after his retirement, he retained his aura of stardom until the end.

McManus headlined big shows against rival Jackie Pallo in an era when millions watched the sport on television.

The wrestler, who had a number of nicknames including 'The Man You Love To Hate', made more TV appearances than any other wrestler in a career which spanned more than 20 years.

Frank Rimer, LDN Legends ring announcer and organiser of the British wrestlers reunion commented, "He was the greatest name in British wrestling history and his 1962 fight with Jackie Pallo was watched by over 20 million viewers."


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