LDN History

LDN History

Published by Sanjay Bagga

LDN Wrestling

LDN Wrestling have recently celebrated their 20th birthday and have run over 1000 shows across the entire UK during this time making them the biggest touring promoter in the country today. Over the last two years LDN have started promoting shows in Northern Ireland and have now built up a huge fan base there. In addition to this LDN continue to run shows in the USA and many parts of Europe making them the only UK based promoter to do this.

LDN Wrestling was set up by Sanjay Bagga in 2003 with the first show taking place in Hanwell, West London. Initially, shows were run from local school halls but from humble beginnings bigger things were destined to come and over the years the promotion has grown dramatically and are now an international promotion running many of the best theatres and town halls nationwide.

A few short years after their first show LDN went from a local London promotion to national prominence when it signed a television deal with the Wrestling Channel, the world’s first 24/7 channel of its kind dedicated to professional wrestling. LDN was one of the most popular shows on the channel and for the first time since 1988 gave UK television audiences the opportunity to see a weekly wrestling show.

The show, LDN Capital TV, saw LDN rebranded as the Capital of British Wrestling and they paid homage to those who had paved the way before them by taking a traditional approach presenting modern Lord Mountevans rules wrestling with a hint of the American culture.

Over the last 20 years LDN have seen many of the great wrestling legends appear in their rings, men such as the man of 1000 holds Johnny Saint, Goldbelt Brian Maxine and the masked man of mystery Kendo Nagasaki who came out of retirement to wrestle for them. LDN have also seen the likes of Wayne Bridges, Mick McManus, Joe D’Orazio, Marty Jones, Johnny Kincaid and many other legends make guest appearances at their shows.

In 2010, the Wrestling Channel ceased broadcasting but LDN once again rebranded as a national touring promotion putting on 200 events a year with such stars as Jon Ritchie and Alan Lee Travis topping the bill having made their name thanks to the tv shows. LDN also started running prestigious and long-standing wrestling venues such as the Margate Winter Garden, the Princes Theatre in Clacton and many more.

In recent years LDN have hosted many stars from around the World including USA legends such as Matt Striker and Sabu who made their LDN debuts along with independent sensations who have now gone to international success such as the AEW World Champion MJF, Ring of Honor star Flip Gordon to name but a few.

From its modest beginnings to becoming the UKs biggest International Promoter the future of LDN Wrestling looks very bright. With additional venues being added each and every year and more shows being sold out than ever before it is safe to say that LDN have already got a history to be proud of with things set to get even better in the coming years.