Mick McManus tribute show- Sunday 30th June

Mick McManus tribute show- Sunday 30th June

Published by Sanjay Bagga


<span style="color: red;">IN TRIBUTE TO MICK MCMANUS 1920-2013</span>

Championship wrestling, full of sparkly costumes and audience participation, is coming to Croydon for a special legends matinee show.

The exciting event takes place on <span style="color: red;">Sunday 30th June</span> at the <span style="color: red;">Fairfield Halls in Croydon</span> with the first bell at 3pm.

The show will be in tribute to Mick McManus <span class="usercontent">who was without doubt, through his own efforts, the greatest wrestling name that the U.K. has ever seen or will see again, and even 25 years after his retirement, he retained his aura of stardom until the end.</span>

<span class="usercontent">Over 150 wrestlers attended his funeral which was covered all major news outlets. Now the wrestling community comes together to celebrate his life with a special legends event.</span>

<span class="usercontent">The show will see world of sport legend and one of only a handful of wrestlers who beat McManus on television, former champion Mal Superstar Sanders battling Norwich hard man Zebra Kid. </span>

<span class="usercontent">Technical wizard and the LDN Golden Grappler 2007 Johnny Kidd takes on LDN fan favourite and two times British Champion Alan Lee Travis.</span>

<span class="usercontent">Returning to LDN is one of its biggest stars and a former 3 time champion ‘The Notorious’ Jon Ritchie to take his former student Yorghos. These two have had legendary matches up and down the country and on 30<sup>th</sup> June the final chapter in their long feud takes place.</span>

<span class="usercontent">The most famous wrestling family in the country and ironically the most dysfunctional family in the country return to Fairfield Halls as father wrestles his own son. Rowdy Ricky Knight is in for a fight as he attempts to teach son Zak a lesson. Anything can happen when the Knight family go to war.</span>

<span class="usercontent">The show will be hosted by the organiser of the British Wrestlers Reunion Frank Rimer with special guess referee the legendary Steve Grey. Steve has held the European Lightweight Title, World Lightweight title and the British Welterweight championship. </span>

Special guest of honour will the son of Mick, Tony McManus and the McManus family.

“The show will be a testament to the love the industry has for Mick. He was the top star in British wrestling for so long. Come 30<sup>th</sup> June, we turn back the clocks- the corner men with spit buckets are back. It will be a great nostalgic afternoon of wrestling”, commented Sanjay Bagga (event promoter).

Sunday 30th June

Fairifeld Halls

Park Lane, Crodyon, CR1 1FG

Doors 2.30pm, Bell time 3pm

Tickets: £12 General, £10 Concession or £40 family of 4

Box office: 0208 688 9291

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