On Saturday 2<sup>nd</sup> May, at the Luton Library Theatre we present a special evening of professional wrestling with a special ceremony match to Luton’s favourite son himself former ITV wrestler and LDN British Heavyweight champion Johnny Kidd.

This is our first visit to Luton with a third of tickets already sold we expect a sold out crowd so please do book in advance for guaranteed seat to the event.

Johnny Kidd, made his debut in 1978 at the Salisbury City Hall against Tony Skarlo. He would make 24 ITV World of Sport appearances starting in 1981 and the last match on ITV being in 1988. He even wrestling his childhood hero the late great Mick McManus.

He has wrestled since then and joined LDN Wrestling in 2007 and soon after won the Golden Grappler Tournament, which is was a traditional rounds based tournament that featured 16 of the best grapplers of 2007. Johnny also captured the LDN British Heavyweight Championship in Staines on the 9<sup>th</sup> July 2011.

On Saturday 2<sup>nd</sup> May he faces his biggest rival in LDN, current LDN British Heavyweight Champion Alan Lee Travis in the main event.

We celebrate the 30 plus year career of the legend Johnny Kidd on Saturday 2<sup>nd</sup> May at the Luton Library Theatre. Tickets on sale by calling 01582 878 100