LDN Capital TV now available on demand

LDN Capital TV now available on demand

Published by Martin Bean

LDN Wrestling is pleased to announce the immediate availability of LDN Capital TV on demand from Your Fight Site VOD.

Débuting on The Wrestling Channel in 2006, LDN Capital TV ran for over 100 episodes featuring the best UK wrestlings from the past and present. World of Sport legends such as Johnny Kidd, Brian Maxine, and the masked Kendo Nagasaki waged war alongside the crème de la crème of LDN Wrestling including Yorghos, Hakan, Jon Ritchie, and more. There’s also appearances from The Apprentice winner Ricky Hype and current WWE superstar, Sheamus!

Episodes of LDN Capital TV can be rented individually for just 99 pence, or you can save over £50 by renting the entire series! Episodes can be watched on your computer, tablet, or smartphone device.

To watch LDN Capital TV, head over to ldncapitaltv.com