Do you want to be a professional wrestler?

Special 10 session summer course for over 18s only

LDN Training for adults is returning like never before, a special 10 session course will be starting in July running till the end of August.

The course will be different to previous sessions as the bulk of the classes will take place prior to shows all over England. The aim is to give students a real life experience, travelling up and down England learning what its like to be a professional wrestler.

The training staff will be led by current 7 time LDN British Champion Alan lee Travis, along with LDN regular Paul Malen. Other co trainers include JJ, Toby Dynamite and special guest from America “Rude Boy” Riley.

We looking for serious students who are willing to travel and make their weekends dedicated to the wrestling business. If you don’t have this commitment, please do NOT apply. Only 10 students will be successful.

The course

Saturday 16<sup>th</sup> – July - meet the staff and watch our live event in Epping. No training will take place but you will see how a live event works.

Sunday 16<sup>th</sup> July – Midday to 4pm- solid mat training learning the basics. Training to place in West London

Saturday 23<sup>rd</sup> July in Finchley, North London please arrive 2pm to set up ring for training at 3pm-645pm. Then help with the show.

Saturday 30<sup>th</sup> July – Horsham, Sussex – same as above

Sunday 7<sup>th</sup> August midday to 4pm. Training to place in West London

Weds 10<sup>th</sup> August – Training in Grays prior to the show at 3-630pm

Thursday 11<sup>th</sup> August – Training in Clacton prior to the show 4-645pm

Friday 12<sup>th</sup> August – Training in Margate 4-630pm

Saturday 13<sup>th</sup> August – training in Selsey 2-5pm followed by a show

Saturday 20<sup>th</sup> – Training in Polegate, Sussex 3-6pm before the show.

Sunday 28<sup>th</sup> August- Final training in London 12-4pm

Cost for this extensive course is £150 per person. We do require full payment in advance. Having a drivers licence and a car does help but we should be able to get car pools going so if you don’t drive it’s not the end of the world.

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