We are pleased to confirm that Norstar Magnetics have agreed to sponsor LDN Wrestling. The company was established in 2007 with the motto "The Attraction is Positive" and since that time have helped literally thousands of people (and animals) to obtain relief from many conditions, often as a last resort. We are pleased to become main sponsors of LDN Wrestling and would like to feel that we can assist any wrestlers, members of the website, fans etc who may need natural pain relief without having to administer drugs into the body. We look forward to a happy relationship with you all.

Norstar Magnetics products are used by top professional athletes and their physiotherapists, are non invasive, safe to use and relatively inexpensive to purchase. The treatment is self administered leaving you in control at all times. Norstar Magnetics have also used their products with great success on animals such as dogs, cats and horses where the placebo effect cannot be used as a reason for improvement in their condition. For improved health Norstar recommend regularly drinking magnetized water, a simple process of placing water from the tap on to a magnetic coaster and leaving for about twenty minutes before consuming.

Alan Cooke a Director of Norstar Magnetics is a qualified Magnotherapist and has spoken on the subject of magnet therapy at many events including BBC radio. In the early 2000s the Norstar range of magnetic products were sold on the shopping channel 'Ideal World' and regularly sold out of vast stocks within an hour. If anyone would like more details of Norstar products please contact them prior to ordering and make it known that you are connected through LDN Wrestling and they will not only advise on the best product to help your condition but give you a discount on the purchase price too!

Norstar Magnetics can be contacted by telephone on 01403 251733 or by email at <sales@norstarmagnetics.com>. For a full product list and further information about Norstar please go their websites at either www.norstarmagnetics.com or www.norstarmagnetics.co.uk