Johnny Kidd

Johnny Kidd

Published by Sanjay Bagga

Johnny Kidd, has been with LDN Wrestling now for over 15 years making his debut in 2005 at the Central Park Leisure Centre in Romford defeating Magic in the first bout on LDN Capital TV.

Just months later JK, would defeat Yorghos in the finals of the Golden Grapplers Tournament at the Southbury Leisure Centre in Enfield. A tournament that was contested all in 2/3 falls over 6 3 minute rounds.

Kidd, then continued to work the circuit working with old and new and helping the new generation out at the LDN schools.

His biggest rival was the man whom he defeated Alan Lee Travis to become the new LDN British Champion in Staines.

A few years down the line and just miles away in Enfield he would defeat Jason Carrion to become the new LDN World Champion.

At Legends Showdown 1 he would lose to Johnny Saint in the main event, but cemented his role as the greatest technical wrestler LDN promoted.

Nowadays, John is spending lockdown in Luton preparing for one last small run hitting shows far and few between to help the next generation of stars.

We look forward to welcoming JK back to the LDN ring